Jetting off on holiday fills the whole family with excitement but travelling with the kids can be stressful too. To help make your trip go smoothly we’ve put together our list of travelling tips to keep the family happy and healthy while you’re away.

Pack essential toiletries
Before you set off it’s important to make sure you’ve packed well. Although toiletries might add an extra kilo or two to your luggage allowance, you may end up paying high prices for sun cream and after sun in holiday resorts. Buy high factor sun lotion for young children – factor 50 is recommended – to protect them from powerful UV rays. Water resistant creams are also a good idea as it can be a challenge to drag kids out the pool to reapply lotion when they’re having so much fun splashing around. Here are our favourite sun creams!

Insect repellent is another must-have for your holiday. Mosquito and midge bites can spoil a holiday and repellent is an effective way to reduce the risk of your little ones being bitten. Some are prone to being bitten more than others, so if they do end up with nasty bites having a tube of antihistamine cream to hand can help to relieve the itching.

…but don’t over-pack
It can be easy to get over-excited when packing clothes for a holiday, but a lot of the time you’ll probably find that you and the kids don’t wear everything. Plan ahead by laying out outfits for each day so that you don’t end up with a hefty charge at the airport for extra weight allowance and weigh your bags before you go.

Ensure you’re covered
In the excitement of getting organised for your holiday it’s easy to forget the admin that goes with it, but travel insurance is an important part of any trip abroad. If you lose luggage, face delays or the kids become ill or get injured while you’re away you could be forced to fork out hundreds or even thousands of pounds to cover the costs. Worryingly, new research shows that although a third of Brits have required medical treatment while on holiday, nearly one in ten still do not take out travel insurance. It’s also important to read the T&Cs of your policy so you know what you’re covered for.

In-flight entertainment
Keeping the kids entertained on a flight will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone, including you! Allow your little ones to choose a toy to take on board with them as giving them ownership will help to make them feel more grown up. In addition, download a few films and take a tablet with you if you have one so that they can have some quiet time during the flight too. It’s also worth having a few games up your sleeve or taking some paper and pencils so they can get creative.

Be prepared
If you’re planning days out it’s a good idea to write your name and phone number on your child’s arm so that if they get lost you can be contacted. You can also write down the name of your accommodation so that if for some reason you’re uncontactable, your child knows where they are staying and can let someone know.

Have fun!
Getting organised for holidays can be stressful, so once you’re there just enjoy yourself.

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