From ‘brown paper packages, tied up with string’ to Kinder Eggs and the modern ‘blind bag’, toys and surprises seem to go hand in hand.

Well, it’s no surprise to say that surprise is the key! Whether it’s birthday presents in boxes or toys that open up to reveal a hidden element inside, it’s an enduring trend that delights kids of all ages. And nowadays, any collectibles worth their salt seem to come in ‘blind bags’ – but parents may be wondering just what IS a blind bag and why are my kids so obsessed with them?!

Well you have to thank the advent of YouTube and other video sharing platforms for the rise of the child blogger – savvy young things who make videos of themselves opening up the latest toy craze and sharing it with the world. Of course, it’s much more fun if there’s a surprise at the end – so the ‘blind bags’ which have to be opened to reveal the collectible inside, are a hit with the YouTube generation. And that means, your kids want them too!

Unboxing is all part of the fun and that’s why Disney Doorables are the perfect way to tap into this trend. The box becomes a treasured part of the collecting and in the case of Disney Doorables, a literal doorway to imaginative play! From the collectible figures right through to the multi-stackable playsets, every pack contains fun hidden and surprise elements that children of all ages will love.

Find out more with our product rundown of the Disney Doorables range of collectible figures and playsets and join in the fun of the collecting with our competition!

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