We’re in the midst of another fabulous takeover with Smoby this week, celebrating their wonderful collection of role play toys.

But why is pretend play something that really should be encouraged? As part of the takeover, we wanted to share the benefits of make believe fun!

Fosters creativity

Role play toys offer a safe way for children to act out and experience scenarios of their choosing, including situations that they may not experience in real life (or things that they might not experience until they are older). Another reason why activities that foster creativity should be encouraged is that it supports mental growth in children, encouraging them to think in new ways, and develop their problem-solving skills.

Improves storytelling skills

Storytelling is an important skill to learn as a child, packing with it a host of benefits. It’s key for language development – both in terms of vocabulary, grammar, and verbal proficiency. It also supports the development of planning skills as kids learn to structure their stories in a logical way. Plus, storytelling can increase a child’s willingness and ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings. And because stories take into account others’ perspectives, they also help children learn to empathise with unfamiliar people/places/situations.

Supports the development of social skills

Whether children are playing with family members of their friends, imaginative play offers an opportunity to practice their social skills in a fun and entertaining way!

Helps children grow more independent

The beauty of imaginative play is that kids can also play by themselves too. And this is really great for helping them grow more independent and confident in their own abilities.

Improves concentration and focus

Children aren’t exactly renowned for having long attention spans! But yet, kids can while away a good few hours when they’re enjoying a spot of imaginative play! So giving children the toys and opportunities for pretend play allows them to practice focusing on one activity, helping to develop their concentration skills.

It’s fun!

Play and fun come hand-in-hand! And fun is a benefit that shouldn’t be forgotten! Any kind of play, and that includes imaginative play, is so important for a child’s wellbeing and development!

To find out more about the Smoby role play collection, head back to the main takeover page.

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