Think that the AquaPlay range looks like a lot of fun? Well that it certainly is! But the beauty of AquaPlay is that it’s also a great way to help support your child’s education and development! So get ready to make a splash in your child’s learning journey with AquaPlay… Here are some of the brilliant benefits of playing with this cool collection from Simba Toys UK:

Motor skills & Coordination

Whether kids are controlling the crane and loading the containers on the AquaPlay StarterSet or turning the paddle wheel on the AquaPlay LockBox to watch the water flow through the canal-inspired playset, the AquaPlay collection is great for supporting early motor skill development, as well as coordination!

Early science skills

The canal-inspired AquaPlay designs help children understand the relationship between cause and effect, while they also learn about how water moves. Take the AquaPlay LockBox – kids will see engineering in action as they use the working pump to change the water levels in the lock and use the working crane to load and unload cargo. And with the AquaPlay MountainLake, kids are offered a creative and playful way of finding out not only how water moves, but also how it lifts and climbs!

Sensory Development

Waterplay in general is great for a child’s sensory development. Research has shown that sensory exploration in the early years helps build nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which in turn enables a child to complete more complex learning tasks. Sensory play also has the added benefits that it can help promote language development, cognitive growth, motor skill development, problem solving skills and social interaction – so it’s a win-win on all fronts!

Fosters creative play & imagination

Waterplay has a beautiful simplicity about it. Without the distraction of sounds, lights and all of the other features found in many modern toys, children can take control of their imaginative play!

AquaPlay offers a truly immersive experience for children, where they can not only control the way in which the water moves, but it also connects them with a series of cute characters including Wilma the Hippo, Sven the Crocodile and Bo the Bear, as well as a host of fab themes! Full of creative ideas and original play concepts, AquaPlay sets provide a playground for wet, watery, adventures, helping to encourage story-telling and make-believe fun! We especially love AquaPlay MountainLake and AquaPlay AdventureLand, which are particularly creative in their designs, offering endless inspiration for young, imaginative minds, such as MountainLake’s mysterious cave, the dramatic waterfall and the treasures found within the canals!


But most importantly, AquaPlay delivers copious amounts of splishy, splashy fun for sunny days!

There are so many great AquaPlay sets out there! Shop the collection now at Very, Smyths Toys Superstores, Argos, John Lewis, Selfridges, and other good toy retailers.

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