The Moshi Monsters brand has grown monumentally over the past few years with over 100 million registered users, and in 2018 alone they saw over 1.5 million downloads and 230,000 active monthly users.

This is a staggering amount of children online and playing the app but what are the benefits that kids can gain through the Moshi Monster app? UKMums.TV investigates the skills your kids can develop through the app:

– To progress in the game, children earn ‘Rox’ for completing tasks in the world of Moshi. Many of those tasks include educational games such as Maths Mash, Time Tangle (learning to tell the time), Flag Frenzy (learning international flags), Country Conundrum (identifying countries on the globe), Spelling Spree and Secret Word (anagrams). You can see all of these games in the Puzzle Palace section of the Moshi Arcade in the game to understand more about the content.

– The new Googenheim gallery allows kids to create pictures of their favourite Moshlings, encouraging the development of creative skills.

– The game’s dynamics revolve around hatching and collecting Moshlings but the app only allows children to find and hatch four eggs a day. These time limiting mechanics are important as the focus as a business is on creating products that kids love, but that also help balance their digital diet. Mind Candy (the creators of the app) want kids to enjoy their time, when appropriate in the world of Moshi to learn, play and explore but they do not want them glued to a phone or tablet all day.

– There are no social features in the game. Mind Candy encourages friendship and sharing to build bonds and relationships, they are not teaching children to use mobile devices to communicate directly with each other. Kids can collect their friends’ unique Moshling, take a look around their friends’ Moshling house and Moshling collection, and send each other in-game gifts and share duplicate Moshlings but they do not communicate with each other in anyway – safety is extremely important in the online world!

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