What better way to kick off our fun in the sun week at UKMums.tv than by sharing our favourite cocktail and mocktail recipes with you!

Watermelon Lemonade
Whether you’re steering clear of the alcohol or can’t drink because you’re driving, pregnant or breastfeeding, this refreshing watermelon lemonade is sure to hit the spot. As watermelons are now in season, this light and fruity beverage courtesy of BBC Good Food will make a great addition to a summer party or even a kid’s party and it looks amazing served in the watermelon. We love mocktails because they’re easy to make and the kids can get involved too, from chopping up the fruit to measuring out and pouring in the liquids, they can even add mini umbrellas, stirrers and sticks to the concoction!

Non-Alcoholic Juicy Julep
Orange and pineapple is a classic combination and this recipe pairs the two together, along with lime all in the form of juice making for a refreshing and an enjoyable beverage. Click here to view the recipe from Completely Delicious.

Apple Prosecco Punch
Add some oomph to a basic apple cocktail by adding a dash of prosecco and a splash of vodka! Or if you’re feeling a little alternative, why not adapt this recipe and try it with a flavoured vodka? We recommend blackcurrant vodka, because who doesn’t love the classic combination of apple and blackcurrant or toffee vodka to turn it into a sweet toffee apple punch. Click here to view the recipe.

Frozen Peach Margaritas
Not only are these frozen peach margaritas easy to make but they are a great boozy and fruity dessert which makes them ideal for serving up at summer garden parties and BBQs. Take a look at the recipe courtesy of Olive Magazine.

Oh how could we not feature the famous Sex and the City cocktail! Also referred to as a Cosmo, this is the ultimate summer drink that’s made up of vodka, an orange flavoured liqueur known as Cointreau, lime and cranberry juice and lime zest to garnish. Get your cocktail shaker at the ready and click here to see the recipe!

Have you tried out one of these recipes? If so, take a snap of it and send it over to us on Facebook and Twitter.

Image taken from BBC Good Food.

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