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Amelia Fang and the Trouble with Toads is the brand-new story in the gorgeously gothic, illustrated series for children aged 7+ by author and illustrator, Laura Ellen Anderson.

It’s Grimaldi’s Birthnight and Amelia can’t wait to celebrate with all of her best friends. Until she’s told she also has to take along her awfully snotty baby brother, Vincent. This was NOT the night Amelia had planned! But when Vincent wanders off and accidentally enters a mysterious land – the place where all squished toads go – Amelia has to embark on a daring adventure into the Pond Beyond to rescue him.

But even if Amelia and her friends do find Vincent, will they be able to find their way home? Or will they be trapped in the toad afterlife forever?

Amelia wants YOU to join her and her friends in their mission to save Vincent. But in order to sneak into the Pond Beyond undetected you need to get acquainted with the rules.

Pond Beyond Rules

Welcome to beginning of your second life!

The Pond Beyond has been welcoming toads to the afterlife for over ninety-three toadillion, four-hundred frogollion and eighty-eight years. And we’re pleased to be adding to that number with each passing day.

But before you pull up a lily pad and get cosy in your new toad abode, please make sure you’ve read the house rules:

RULE ONE: Don’t go out at night (Ferocious Furgus skulks around the streets when the sun goes down).

RULE TWO: This is a toad only party. We do not allow any non-toad creatures into the Pond Beyond.

RULE THREE: The Pond Beyond is a place of cleanliness and perfection! Please keep everything spick and span. No amount of snot, slime or soiling is allowed.

RULE FOUR: Once you arrive in the Pond Beyond there is no way back to Above the Pond. But who would want to go back anyway? We love it here!


A howlingly hilarious adventure with a cast of brilliant characters, Amelia Fang and the Trouble with Toads is out now at Waterstones.

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