Our fang-tastic Vampirina Toys takeover is in full swing and what better time to celebrate the spooky toys from Just Play than at Halloween!

We all love celebrating Halloween in different ways, be it Trick or Treating with the kids or carving a Pumpkin, but here are our top tips on throwing the perfect Halloween Party

1. Make clever invites

The way you announce the “what, when, and where” can make the difference between a full house and one that seems like a ghost town. Create interest with a clever invitation, and then follow up with an equally crafty take-home bag or trinket. In other words, begin and end on a high note!

2. Play it by age

Factor in the age of the party-goers to make sure that your shindig doesn’t frighten—or bore! This will help you decide what Halloween party decorations are appropriate for your group.

3. Know when to end the party

Possibly the most important Halloween party tip of all: determine how long your party should last before the day of the party. For younger kids, an hour or two will be plenty. Older kids might be able to persuade you to stretch it into a sleepover. Either way, make sure the invitation states the time parents can pick up their kids.

4. Decorate!

Cast a spell on your home with handmade Halloween party decorations that will be the life of the party. Set aside a weekend afternoon to craft a few goodies and have the kids lend a hand.

7. Make monstrous munchies

With minimal effort, ordinary munchies and sweets become extra-special treats. Just make sure you check ahead for food allergies.

We know Halloween is synonymous with “candy,” so have some fun with your dessert options. But that sugar crash? It’s no treat! Make sure your Halloween party food includes some healthy offerings so you don’t send little guests home on a sugar high.

8. Play some games

Even though kids have a magical way of entertaining themselves, plan to fill some of the party time with easy Halloween party games for kids. Try a sit-down crafting project followed by a work-off-some-energy dance contest.

You can download our DIY Vampirina Headband activity sheet here to keep little hands busy!

9. Goodie bags!

Ending on the high of giving out Halloween loot bags is a great way to keep guests coming year on year. Sweets, bubbles and spooky accessories make great fillers, but the Vampirina Boo Figures are perfect too!

Do you have any Halloween party tips? Share them below or on our social media! Don’t forget the Vampirina Toys range is available to buy now in all good toy stores too!


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