We LOVE taking photos here at UKMums.TV! Whether they’re of food, pets or of course, our family, pictures are the perfect way to capture every day moments that make you smile, but it’s not always easy to capture said moments with wriggly bottoms often getting in the way. So as today (19th August) is World Photo Day we thought we would give you a guide on how to take the perfect pictures of your kids, no matter where you are!

Preparation is the name of the game
Children can often be unpredictable, temperamental and uncooperative little creatures, so be prepared for a little resistance when it comes to taking their snap! Make sure your little one has had a good night’s sleep and is well-fed before you even think about getting the camera out.

Get low
We grown-ups always tower over our little ones, and taking a picture from such a high angle makes them look small and subdued which doesn’t always get you a good picture, so get ready to ‘bend and snap!’, not quite like Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde, though. Just crouch down to their level (at this point they’ll think you want to play which will add to the fun of the photos), and shoot the camera at their eye level, and you will see a massive improvement in the quality of your photos.

Speaking of all things fun, why not ask little ones some silly questions like: “Are Daddy’s bogey’s blue?”, “What noise does a cow make?” or “How does Mummy/Daddy laugh?” to make them smile or giggle!

Catch them when they aren’t looking
We love looking back at candid photos of ourselves, especially when we’re seen in our element doing what we do best, aka sipping cocktails or laughing. Candid pictures are almost always better than staged photos and are guaranteed to get you a tonne of likes on Instagram! You get a much more natural expression and you get to see your child interacting in their world.  Combine this with shooting at their level for a frame-worthy photo! Bring a couple of their favourite toys along too, and when you can see that they are thoroughly in the ‘play mode’ (and no sooner), whip your camera out!

Good light makes better pictures
Natural light is your best friend when taking pictures of your tot (or anyone, or anything for that matter)! Try to search for nice soft light that doesn’t cast harsh shadows. If the sun is high in the sky that’s usually not the best time for getting the best photos.  Don’t get us wrong, you can definitely capture good shots at this time, it’s just better if outdoors to head out earlier or later in the day. If indoors, try shooting by windows.

Know when to NOT bring the camera out
No one wants a camera in their face 24/7, and sometimes you just have to enjoy the time you get to spend with your kids instead of trying to capture it all.

Capture their personality
Try to get kids (especially teens!) to not view the camera as a chore, but rather a fun experience and you will definitely get some better shots. Encourage them to play, have a kickabout and just do what they love most, then get snapping away.

So there you have it. Prep, patience, personality and positioning all make for better photos to cherish forever! We’d love to see your favourite pictures for World Photo Day! Tag us in them on social media!

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