[AD] So many of you have been asking us about how you can help the little ones at this time with their many emotions that seem all mixed up because of what’s happening in the world right now.

As part of our research for a fabulous takeover we have coming up later in the year on the sensational CBeebies TV series, Love Monster, we came across this great resource and we just know it’s going to help A LOT of you during the current coronavirus crisis and beyond.

Showcasing the importance of kindness, empathy, connection and instinct, Love Monster is full of heart and ‘little life’ learnings. By watching his daily adventures in Fluffytown as he navigates the challenges involved in being a bit funny looking in a world of cute fluffy things, little ones can also learn to cope with different emotions.

This great resource perfectly explains how you as parents or carers can help your own children as they too experience these emotions. Be sure to read the tips here.

And with the subject of keeping our kids entertained still high on the agenda, why not take a look at some of the fantastic Love Monster activities for the little ones while you’re there?

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