For this year’s UKMUMS.TV Baby & Pre-School Awards, our testers have been putting early years sleep and soothing products and services through their paces.

As a new parent, there’s a lot of be said for a good night’s sleep! And anything that can offer those extra precious moments of good quality shut eye have come to be considered the holy grail within the baby and pre-school domain!

So, for the UKMUMS.TV Baby & Pre-School Awards, we searched high and low for the very best sleep and soothing products on the market. Then we recruited an army of mums, dads and carers and asked them to help us put these products and programs to the test. They have now given their verdict, and we can now announce the winners in this category as:



About the product: “The Sleep Nanny Dream Maker Program is an online, interactive program full of expert guidance and support, sleep diagnostics and training, helping parents to overcome common sleep challenges. Aimed at parents of children aged 4 to 24 months, it has proven hugely popular, particularly during the pandemic and there are three programs to choose from with lifetime access, featuring live Q&As, bespoke plans based on personal assessments, 1:1s with a sleep consultant and unlimited 1:1 support.”

What our tester said: “This is an excellent course that offers second to none ongoing support. Our experience is that everyone is just so friendly and supportive, which in itself is amazing – our youngest has been having terrible issues with sleep and we felt so overwhelmed and out of our depth before we discovered this program. Although it’s not a cheap, quick fix, it is well and truly worth every penny as the advice works. There is so much information offered, which you can go back to time and time again – as much as you need. And the fact that the course offers 1:1 support is incredible – we’ll certainly look to continue with this program!”




About the product: “A super-soft sleeping companion for bedtime, the Magic Dreamlight is a snuggly unicorn designed to help children aged 10m+ to relax, preparing them for a sound night’s sleep! Turn on the Dreamlight and a piece of soothing music will be played. There are also soft colour-changing lights that will illuminate the unicorn’s chest. This routine will help to separate sleep-time from the rest of the day, and it will also help to create a safe, calming environment for bedtime. What’s more, the Magic Dreamlight turns off automatically, so parents needn’t risk waking up their little ones.”

What our tester said: “My little girl absolutely LOVED this adorable soft toy. Not only is it made from really soft fabric, which she loves, but the design is absolutely stunning. My daughter’s favourite part of bedtime has become switching on her unicorn friend so that she makes her pretty lights!”




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