After a long day in the classroom, kids come home from school, make a dash for the fruit bowl, and complete their homework without being asked to do so, and then politely ask if they can watch TV or play on their games console/computer … well, that’s some version of the truth, and we can but dream! But let’s move past some of that dry humour and turn our attention to a challenge that all parents face – keeping the kids entertained.

Many families would happily agree that screen time has become a big part of everyday life, and one hobby that is on the rise among kids of all ages, and with both boys and girls, is video games.

While some of the mums on the playground might question the true value of video games, there’s actually plenty of research that highlights some key benefits of gaming. Plus, as with anything, not all video games are created equally – some are better, safer and more child-appropriate than others – which is why we are so excited to joined by Outright Games for another awesome takeover.

With a long string of children’s titles under their belt, this company is a dab hand at pairing safe fun with education. This week, they’re joining us to celebrate their latest, most PAWsome video game yet: PAW Patrol Mighty Pups: Save Adventure Bay.

So what makes this, along with the other kids titles from Outright Games, something you can be proud to give to your little one?

  • This game, along with many more of Outright Games’ are couch co-op which means you always know who your child is playing against which means they aren’t speaking with strangers
  • Playing video games can be a shared family experience, or an independent educational experience for the child to explore and play as their favourite characters
  • They are totally non-violent


Add to this a stack of other benefits now associated with playing video games and letting your children play titles from Outright Games becomes a no brainer. Next time Karen questions your decision to let your kids play video games, you can tell her:

  • Video games can develop critical thinking, forcing kids to think fast and problem-solve
  • They can improve hand-eye co-ordination, requiring children to react quickly and accurately
  • Many have educational benefits, helping kids master new skills and concepts in a fun way
  • They can help decrease stress levels, offering an outlet for aggression and frustration
  • Video games can also support social development, teaching teamwork and effective communication

The Outright Games team recommends that you read Parent Zone’s guide to PEGI ratings so you can understand what’s in your children’s video games and just how great they can be for development and learning!

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups: Save Adventure Bay is available to purchase from Friday 6th November from Smyths Toys, Game, or Amazon!

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