Puppies come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing that they all have in common is that they’re incredibly cute.They also have to be looked after properly as they grow and we have reviewed these puppy must-haves (with the help of our office pup) to help you along the way.

1. Nylabone Chicken Puppy Dental Bone, RRP £4.70
The Chicken Puppy Dental Bone is great for reducing plaque and tartar build up on a puppy’s teeth. Made with a soft durable nylon, this meaty scented toy is designed for puppies that have their first set of teeth and it’s safe to say that it’s got the approval of our office pup.

2. Pup-Pee Pads  – Mikki Training, RRP  £27.50 for 100
These training pads are great for housebreaking your new puppy. While the Pup-Pee Pads are on the pricey side the quality is brilliant as they are super absorbent and leak resistant, protecting your carpets and floors. In addition, they are scented to help your puppy find them and are ideal for use in cars, carriers or anywhere else where your pet may not be able to get outside to go to the toilet.

3. Bacon Puppy Keys Chew – Small, RRP £8.99
The Bacon Puppy Keys smell SO good reminding us of frazzles and we can see why our office pup can’t stop chewing them. The Bacon Puppy Keys Chew from Nylabone has been designed to satisfy your puppy’s natural chewing urge and as they are made with a soft durable nylon these toys were made for puppies that have their very first set of teeth.


4. MC Star Portable Puppy Playpen, RRP £24.99
This puppy playpen is roomy making it the ideal place for sleeping, playing or just resting after a mad half hour.  Not only is it easy to assemble and take apart but it is great for use in the home and travelling with. In addition, it can be used inside or outside and it has side nets to ensure good air circulation, visibility and that your pup doesn’t escape!

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