This week, Character Options has joined us on-site to introduce the incredible new additions to its Weebles collection.

Weebles make for the perfect first collectable. They’re super-affordable; they’re inspired by children’s favourite characters from TV, with numerous characters to discover; and they’ve got a super-fun movement that’s mesmerising for younger children. 

But how does collecting toys benefit a child? As part of the Weebles takeover, we look at why it’s never too early to become a collector!

Developing organisational and grouping skills

Through collecting, children are given an opportunity to develop their organisational and grouping skills. For instance with Weebles, children will naturally look for connections among the characters, like the fact that Peppa Pig and George belong in one world and Duggee and his Squirrels in another.

Kids learn patience through collecting

Instant gratification is rarely something that comes from collecting. Generally there will be periods of time where a child must wait – perhaps save – in order to add to their collection. Research has actually shown that anticipation is proven to provoke more joy than actually receiving an item.

Collecting teaches children to be responsible

Linked to the idea that children often have to save or “earn” additional items for their collection, collecting offers parents a fantastic opportunity to make children responsible for household chores or good behaviour/school work.

It can foster basic numeracy abilities, like counting

Regardless of what children enjoy collecting, chances are they know how many items they have.  This teaches basic numeracy, whilst also encouraging kids to practise other important skills, such as sorting and grouping.

Collecting can help kids improve their social skills

A common interest in collecting something enables children to connect with one another and hone their conversational skills.

Children gain practice with budgeting

Collecting toys gives children early practice in understanding the value of money. As a result, they can gain experience in budgeting as a result of their passion for collecting.

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