After a speedy end to July and slightly better weather than normal, we are now looking forward as British fields and orchards begin to bulge with their goods to take us into the most fulfilling harvesting months of August and September. We’ve teamed up with Ellie’s Kitchen to give you the lowdown on what’s good to cook with this month so that you and your family can eat the most seasonal ingredients!

Figs – During August figs become more plentiful. Previously coming mostly from the warmer parts of Europe, supermarkets have now begun to sell more local figs from Essex. Notoriously hard to transport, figs can now be enjoyed at their best. Try stuffed with goat’s cheese, wrapped in Parma ham and baked with a drizzled for British honey for a fresh, simple dinner.

Cobnuts – The cobnut season starts on towards the end of August and they are sold fresh unlike the majority of nuts which are dried. Cobnuts are a type of hazelnut traditionally grown in Kent and it takes just six cobnuts to offer the equivalent iron and protein of ½ lb of red meat making them an excellent choice for vegetarian dishes. With the texture of a sweet chestnut these are a favourite of mine to use in baking. Whether you’re a cobnut fan, or virgin, get your hands on some Potash Farm Cobnut fudge, it’s seriously worth a taste!

Grouse – Grouse is the first game bird of the year and in my opinion is the most flavourful. Make the most of the delicate notes of new season grouse during August. A great pairing with another of August’s seasonal offerings, beetroot.

Sweetcorn – Right in time for BBQ season (if we get lucky with the weather) Sweetcorn is at its very best during August. What I love most is the burst of sweetness that comes from each kernel and how it offsets salty dishes and ingredients such as shellfish and heavily dressed salads.

Apples – Need I say more? Us brits love Apples, and now is the time to get your fill. Baked in a pie or sliced thin over a Waldorf salad, there are so many ways to enjoy the vast variety of British apples on offer at this time of year.

Other things you should cook with this month…
• Chicory
• Fennel
• Apricots
• Grey Mullet

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