We are fast approaching the height of the summer months and produce is at its most abundant. Amongst the popular berries that we all know and love there are lots of other seasonal ingredients that shouldn’t be overlooked! We’ve teamed up with Ellie’s Kitchen to give you the lowdown on what’s good to cook with this month so that you and your family can eat the most seasonal ingredients!

Fennel – Not usually one to serve the family and just like marmite you will either love or hate this suggestion, but we really do LOVE fennel! Try it thinly sliced and raw on a refreshing summer salad.

Gooseberries – Kids will love eating gooseberries when they're disguised in a simple crumble! Or why not make some family jam and serve it on toast in the morning!

Dover sole – If you and your family like fish then Dover Sole is so lovely to cook with and eat! It’s a great addition to a fish pie or why not coat it in bread crumbs and bake it for a healthier fish and chips alternative?

Other ingredients to try this month:
• Courgettes
• Apricots
• Blackberries

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