So that time of the year has come, the clocks have gone back, we are slowly entering Christmas mode and bloggers all around the UK are struggling to take images in natural light. (It’s dark before work and dark after!) But one huge advantage of this month is that there are some hidden gems coming into season to join all of the produce coming in from overseas. Here is what you should be cooking with this month…

Jerusalem Artichokes – Whether they’re roasted or crushed, Jerusalem Artichokes are one of winter’s greatest picks and go well with pork, lamb and beef. This knobbly and unusually shaped vegetable is a tuber of the sunflower and not actually part of the artichoke family. Go and try it if you haven’t already, we would love to know what you think.

Apples – English apples are great right now and there are SO many varieties to choose from all over the country. Perfect for making a pie or crumble to get you through the cold evenings, apples are a British favourite in our household!

Venison – Although Venison is available all year round, it is the winter months that are more commonly associated with the eating the meat. It’s always interesting to try different species and deer is by far the most sustainable choice for meat eating in this country. With a number of different breeds of deer coming into season this month from Red Deer to Fallow there is plenty to pick from!

Horseradish – A root vegetable that is used as a spice, horseradish is a favourite of ours for flavouring mash, sauces and all sorts! It also has SO many health benefits such as aiding weight loss and improving your immune system. A member of the Brassicaceae family its brothers and sisters are mustard, wasabi and cabbage, amongst others. Try a little freshly grated Horseradish in a yoghurt salad dressing for subtle kick!

Other foods to try this month include…

  • Cranberries
  • Quince
  • Parsnips
  • Partridge

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Image from Great British Chefs.

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