This week, we’re joined by Flair for the Peppy Pups takeover. You can find out all about Peppy Pups via the main takeover page.

But first, keep reading to learn why pretend play pets, like Peppy Pups, are a great addition to your family home.

1. They help to teach nurturing and caring behaviours

Children tend to build a loving relationships with their toy pets, emulating the behaviours and affection that they see adults show them, other loved ones, and animals that they meet.

It’s perfectly natural for a child to want to care for their toy pets, and it’s also more than likely that they will start to foster real sentiment and emotions towards the toy, which will enhance their ability to nurture and look after their new, loveable friend.

Developing these caring behaviours at an early age is important, and can help to contribute towards a kind, compassionate and empathetic personality in years to come.

2. Support the early development of motor skills and coordination

Playing with pull-along, toy pets can be a great way to develop motor and coordination skills (among others!).

For instance, with Peppy Pups, children will need to pick up their dog’s lead, practicing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they go.

They’ll also be motivated to move with their pets, refining gross motor skills as the walk and run, and their balance and coordination as they navigate the space and land.

3. Preparation for the real deal

As we’ve already established, having a toy pet will encourage children to develop their caring capabilities. It will also teach them how to take care of something without the responsibilities of a living, breathing family pet. For instance, there’s no need to worry about things like cost, time and the pet’s health when the pet in question is only brought to life through your child’s imagination and innovative design!

And all of this leaves room for mistakes, from which children can learn. After all, toy pets offer a perfect opportunity to teach your child about how their routine might change before you are faced with a real pet. Some of the duties that a children may role play include toilet training their new fluffy friends, feeding them, or walking them.

4. Because they’re really fun!

Letting children’s imagination take them wherever they want to go is a key part of why toy pets make for some of the most popular toys. Whether they play pretend that they’re a dog mummy or that they’re a princess in a tower with a puppy sidekick, these kinds of toys open-up new make-believe worlds for children to explore and grow, providing endless fun and giggles.

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