It’s the most wonderful time of the year as we prepare to gather with friends and family. Gifts will be shared, food will be enjoyed, drinks will be drunk…and then someone brings the board games out and all bets are off.

According to the BBC, the global board game market is set to be worth more than £9bn by 2023 and we just know that so many of you will be gathering around the table to play this year.

The people behind Dobble know board games inside out and back to front. They have also developed skills in identifying some of the unique ‘habits’ that come to the fore when the cards are down, and the dice are thrown.

The top ten irritating board game player habits and how to identify them this festive season, as compiled by the team behind Dobble, are:

  1. The Messy One – regularly eats food over the game and is prone to bending cards and mixing up pieces.
  2. The Screen Addict – low level of engagement and struggles to be away from their phone for more than ten minutes.
  3. The Enthusiast – vigorous dice thrower, narrates gameplay and laughs very loudly.
  4. The Cheat – spontaneously makes-up rules that coincidentally happen to be in their favour and is the player you need to keep your eye on.
  5. The Quitter – also known as the morale quasher. They don’t stand a chance of winning, so they drop out and end the game for everyone.
  6. The Bored Gamer – uninterested and most likely sulking because the majority ruled, and they aren’t playing the game they tried to suggest.
  7. The Sore Loser/Board Flipper – make sure you are holding the board and every piece to the game when this person loses.
  8.  The Ungracious Winner – possibly even worse than the sore loser…
  9. The Know-it-all – they most likely invented the game as they know all the rules and feel the need to teach every player what they should have done in that last move.
  10. The Competitive One – it’s more than a game for this player. They will rarely look like they’re enjoying themselves as they’re too focused on analysing moves and possible outcomes.

I think we all know a Screen Addict but which one is most like you?

With board games being so popular, we’ve teamed up with Asmodee to give one lucky reader the chance to win a bundle of games including; Cobra Paw, Dobble, Telestrations, Codenames, Time’s Up Party, Just One, Dixit, Catan, Ticket to Ride London and Carcassonne.

To enter, simply answer the question below and leave your details before the closing date of Monday 30th December at 3pm. 

This competition is also listed on Loquax and Competitions-Time.

Competition Closed

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