We’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win two brilliant Olobob Top books and an eye-catching poster of all the characters the Olobobs create in series 2. We are also throwing in a bunch of cool Olobob things, like badges, postcards and temporary tattoos!

Olobob Top is an animated CBeebies show on TV every weekday at 10.40am and on iPlayer anytime! The show encourages creative play through imagination and friendship, following the adventures of Tib, Lalloo and Bobble living deep in the Olobob Forest.

It’s perfect for 1-5 year-olds who enjoy crafts, paper-play, building, creating and messing about! Voiced by Stephen Mangan, there is so much to love about Olobob Top!

For your chance to win, enter via Rafflecopter before the closing date of Monday 22nd July 2019.

This competition is also listed on The Prize FinderLoquax and Competitions-Time.

Full Terms and conditions to be found here.

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Amy Simpson at 7:20 AM


Tracy Nixon at 9:37 AM

My daughter loves Bobble!

Kristyn Harris at 10:03 AM

Tib is my favourite character!

Peter Watson at 10:10 AM

Tib is my favourite Olobob.

Margaret Dixon at 10:21 AM

This looks great for young children to craft with I know my grandson would love this

Michelle Smith at 10:32 AM


Sean Eccles at 11:21 AM

Bobble is my son’s favourite

Sally Collingwood at 11:30 AM

My granddaughter loves Tib!

Katie Skeoch at 12:34 PM

Tib is our favourite, always having fun

Debbie Burfoot at 1:58 PM

we love Bobble

Susie Wilkinson at 2:19 PM


Evette Gabriella Williams at 3:06 PM


Ursula Hunt at 3:52 PM

My goddaughter loves Bobble

Dawn Cox McBride at 4:29 PM

We love Deeno. He is lots of fun and has a little mischievous side.

fiona waterworth at 4:45 PM


Sandy Lynn Ralph at 6:30 PM

my grandson likes Bobble

Angela Comper Treadway at 7:37 PM

bobble x

Claire Woods at 8:04 PM


Rebecca Nisbet at 9:21 PM

my nephew likes Bobble

Jeanette leighton at 9:39 PM

My children Sheriah and Charlie love bobble

Wilkie Emmalou at 7:19 AM


Simone Kilshaw at 10:20 AM

I think these are fantastic. I would have to say Bobble is my favourite, though we think they are all great!

Juliette Giles at 2:06 PM

Mine love Bobble x

Tracy Hanley at 7:48 PM


Pippa Ainsworth at 10:03 PM

Lalloo is my little boy’s favourite

Lynsey Buchanan at 3:52 AM

Tib is my daughters favourite.

dawn samples at 8:42 AM

My son likes Lalloo x

Justine Meyer at 2:27 PM


Kim Neville at 5:10 PM

we like Bobble

Sharon Ann Freemantle at 5:18 PM

Bobble is Ava’s favourite

Ruth Alena Harwood at 8:33 AM

we love Gurdy x

Paula Cheadle at 11:42 AM

My granddaughter loves Bobble

Jen S Morgan at 9:13 PM

My son loves Bobble

Sarah Walton at 9:21 AM

My little girl loves Bobble

Pauline Hill at 11:00 AM


Carrie Lou Talbot-Ashby at 1:04 PM

My little ladies love Bobble! 🙂 x

Jackie Cooper at 11:47 AM

my grandson loves Bobble

Lynn Neal at 1:16 PM

Bobble is my favourite!

Jodie A Green at 9:51 PM


Sharon Lou Johnson at 5:03 AM

its Tib in our house x

Margaret Gallagher at 9:12 PM

BOBBLE – so cute

Richard Tyler at 11:59 PM


Julia Linsley at 10:22 AM

We love Tib!

Lydia Graham at 8:08 AM


Lia Burns at 10:45 AM

We love bobble!

Samantha Ripley O'Donnell at 7:43 PM


Anthea Holloway at 6:28 PM

My granddaughter loves Bobble

Vinigartits Veronica at 12:49 PM

Tib is mine and my 2 year olds sons favourite

Rebecca Roberts at 7:51 AM

Bobble is our favourite

Adrian Bold at 6:25 PM


Denise Walton Was Jenkins at 8:34 PM


Diana Semionova at 8:37 PM


Natalie Gillham at 1:50 AM


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