WE all know how precious sleep is, especially if you’re a mum-to-be. But new research has shed light on the amount of sleep that expectant parents actually get, and spoiler alert, it’s not a lot!

A study commissioned by an online bed retailer, found that mums-to-be can expect to get just five hours of sleep a night during her pregnancy.

The researchers found that 91% of expectant parents’ sleep is affected to some degree during pregnancy with around 15% being kept awake by their blissfully ignorant partner snoring away.

Furthermore, a quarter of expectant parents said that they experienced sore hips, while 63% struggled to turn over during the night.  Other common issues found to disrupt sleep were needing to get up to go the toilet, heartburn and being too hot.

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While pregnancy is a magical time, it does take its toll on your body, which makes sleep all the more important but sadly, 57% of mums-to-be were brought to tears while carrying their unborn baby due to severe tiredness.


With more than four in 10 being struck by morning sickness at night, 80% of partners felt sorry for their significant other with a third of partners giving up their side of the bed to sleep elsewhere.

Are you expecting a baby, if so what keeps you up at night and what are your tips for catching some decent sleep? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.



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