We sent a handful of mummy bloggers the new Rider Café from Schleich Horse Club to review.  Why not see what they thought of the new Rider Café from the wonderful toy horse makers?

Here are our top mum reviews:

Whinge Whinge Wine – “My daughter (aged 5) loved setting up the Rider Café, placing all the pieces carefully inside and using her existing Schleich figures with it to create imaginative stories. She’s already played with it quietly for hours, which is great to see.”

Whinge Whinge Wine

The Inspiration Edit – “The Schleich Horse Club Rider Café is a fantastic playset for both boys and girls aged 5 to 12 years… Along with the café, horse and figures, the Horse Club Rider Café has plenty of accessories that make this kid’s playset even more fun to play with… The café accessories add to the fun of the playset and kids can act out scenes in the café and use their imaginations to role play with the figures provided.”

The Inspiration Edit

Bizzi Mummy – “There is a small amount of construction to complete the café, but Izebella was only too happy to help. Luckily everything seemed to slot together really easily in all the right places and so it didn’t take long to put it all together…The Horse Club world even comes with its own app as well as many playsets like this one. It has recognisable characters and horses which fans will be familiar with and which are included in the playsets. This set comes with two character figures – Emily and Tom and the horse is called Pino. The café area has many features. There are patio tables, a menu board, coffee machine, cooker, a till and various bits of crockery and food to make it more realistic. It’s certainly got Izebella’s approval who even uses some of her own dolls as customers in the café.”

Bizzi Mummy

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