Is the VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design worth the hype?

If you’re thinking about purchasing the VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design and you’re looking for an honest review, you’ve come to the right place!

Is The VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design Really Worth the Hype?

This handy spot wash promotes itself as the quick and effective solution to cleaning up carpets.

Not to mention rugs, hard floors, upholstery and car interiors. It’s designed to combat pet messes, accidental spills and the dirt that comes from general footfall in a busy household.

But does it actually work?

We put this VAX machine to the test.

Our VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design Review

We’re not a huge household. Just me, my partner and our two miniature schnauzers that live under this roof.

But living in the countryside, we often find ourselves cleaning-up floors and scrubbing at kitchen floors and grubby rugs. And we often have to get our car interiors professionally cleaned.

So, needless to say, we liked the sound of what the VAX SpotWash was offering.  

The big question for us was: “Can it really do everything is says on the box?”

Can it save us time, energy and money?

There was just one way to find out. We put the VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design to the test.

What We Thought of the VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design…

  • The design is very compact, making it easy to store between uses. Most machines of this nature are much bulkier and take up a lot more room.
  • It’s reassuring to know how hygienic the machine is. Not only are the cleaning results thorough but the separate tool for pet messes is a thoughtful addition. Avoiding cross contamination is just one of the hygienic perks. The VAX Spot Washer Antibacterial solution is designed to kill over 99% of bacteria.
  • It’s simple to set up and use. I can be a little reluctant to use “clever” technology and machines, as I don’t enjoy studying lengthy instructions. But I was delighted by how easy the VAX was to use. Very limited need to refer to the instructions!
  • It’s versatile and works on all surfaces (including car upholstery). We thought this added to the value of the machine. Especially given how much we typically spend on getting the car valeted.
  • No need for any physical exertion! The VAX takes the sweat out of cleaning. The bristles of the SpinScrub Hand Tool automatically rotate to alleviate the need for manual scrubbing.
  • It’s super-easy to clean! The top of the tools lift off to remove the dirt that gets stuck in between.
  • It looks great! Okay, so this isn’t the be all and end all. But all aspects of the design have clearly been thought through.
  • After use, it left the house smelling fresh thanks to the odour neutraliser spray.
  • At £179.99 RRP it’s modestly priced.
  • The tank has limited capacity. This meant that we needed to refill the tank a couple of times for a 4ft x 6ft rug.
  • Don’t expect stain-removing miracles! Whilst the VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design clearly offers a deep and effective clean, it couldn’t entirely lift the light stain on our rug. The results shown below are after just one attempt to lift the mark.

    A second attempt may continue to make the mark less notable. For reference, the mark is just deep-set dirt from the pups. Plus mucky shoes that have been worn on the rug!

So is the VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design Really Worth the Hype?

Yes it is!

This Spot Wash will continue to be used time and time again in our household. It’s already been borrowed by a friend who was amazed at the results. And my mum in next in line… she can’t wait to try it on her sofa!

So yes, we’d certainly recommend the VAX SpotWash Pet-Design to our friends, family and UKMUMS.TV readers!

Rating: 8/10

What The Manufacturer Says About The Model

The VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design spot washer is a handy cleaning companion. It helps to ensure harmony in pet owners’ homes, by effectively killing over 99%2 of potentially harmful bacteria. Plus it removes spills, stains and pet messes from carpets, rugs, hard floors, upholstery and car interiors with ease.

Four Distinct Features Make the VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design a Must Have for Pet Owners.

Designed to provide a deep clean in busy homes with pets. The VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design gives the added reassurance of specialised tools and antimicrobial protection. Remove messes with ease and create a happy and clean environment for you, your family and your pets.

Cross Contamination Control

Use the Extra Wide 2-in-1 Wash Tool for quick clean ups and everyday stain removal.

Keep the Messy Clean Up Tool separate to allow you to undo unhygienic messes left behind by your dogs, cats and other animals that come indoors such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

Reassuringly Hygienic

Help create a clean environment for your pets and family by killing over 99% of bacteria2 when using the spot washer with VAX Spot Washer Antibacterial Solution.

This has been formulated specifically for optimum cleaning results. Each of the expert cleaning tools also contains an antimicrobial treatment to help protect against the growth of bacteria.

Offers An Easier Clean

There’s no need to break a sweat as the new SpinScrub Hand Tool does the hard work for you.

Instead of applying traditional elbow grease, the bristles of the SpinScrub Hand Tool automatically rotate to agitate and effectively remove dirt and lift away stubborn stains from your carpet pile and upholstery.

Odour control

VAX new Pet Stain & Odour Neutralising Solution breaks up tougher and smellier messes, leaving you with a fresh smelling home.

The VAX SpotWash Pet-Design

Easily take care of unexpected accidents before they become harder to clean up, with a VAX spot washer. It eliminates the need for a full-size carpet washer, which may be more suited to larger areas.

It’s easy to store and versatile, which makes it a convenient and popular choice for tackling pet mess, everyday spills and stains on multiple surfaces.

As well as for deep cleaning of smaller spaces such as stairs, sofas and pet beds.

So, whether your dog has jumped straight onto the sofa after a muddy walk. Or there’s a spilled drink on a rug. Or your car interior is in need of a refresh – you can clean quickly and easily with the lightweight, portable convenience of the VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design.

Features of the VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design also include:

Advanced Home and Pet Tool Kit – multiple tools allow you to effectively remove spills and stains from different surfaces around your home. In addition to the included Messy Clean Up Tool and SpinScrub Hand Tool, you can use the Crevice Tool to make light work of cleaning awkward places, or reverse mess faster and easier with the Extra Wide 2-in-1 Wash Tool and its 75% wider cleaning path3.

Compact and Easy to Store – once you’ve finished your cleaning, simply rinse away any remaining dirt or debris, dry and store. The VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design is just over 30cm tall so will fit neatly in a cupboard, ideal for homes with limited storage.

Onboard Tool Storage – be prepared for unexpected accidents and tackle mess in no time at all with the handy onboard tool storage, making the VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design ready to simply grab and go.

Cleaning Convenience – floors, soft furnishings, pet beds, car seats, car boots and more; clean wherever your pets go with the VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design’s long cleaning reach.

Easy to Fill and Empty – solution and water markers on the side of the tank make it easy to add the correct amount of water and solution, meaning you’re ready to tackle mess in no time.

Where to buy?

The RRP of the VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design is £179.99. This includes:

Free solutions –
1 x 250ml VAX Spot Washer Antibacterial Solution
1 x VAX 250ml Pet Stain & Odour Remover

FREE delivery when purchased direct from www.vax.co.uk  

The VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design is also widely available from all good suppliers of electrical goods, including Argos and Currys

*Please note that whilst this VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design was provided free in exchange for our honest review of the product, all opinions are our own!

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