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Sure the Nighthawk wins points for its coolness but when it comes to deciding what toys are right for your child we know that recommendations from other mums are invaluable. Check out what our discerning mums thought of the Nighthawk from Rollplay.

Keep Up with the Jones Family – “The Nighthawk is a battery operated kind of go-kart which looks very much like a stingray. It’s chunky, heavy and feels very sturdy and durable. It’s operated by pressing the power button on the seat, and then there are two pedals – stop and go. It’s very simple… It’s definitely developing their spatial awareness and improving their core strength through steering.”

Keep Up With The Jones Family

My Family Fever
– “The Rollplay Nighthawk ride-one comes with a rear safety flag included, meaning I can easily keep an eye on Max as he has a blast racing. It also shows other people he is approaching, as this toy can reach speeds of up to 6 miles per hour – perfect for young thrill seekers!… So far this weekend, we have trialled the Nighthawk on our driveway (for some confidence boosting), before progressing to our quiet residential street, and onto the park. It has handled all sorts of ground really well, from smooth tarmac to rougher gravel paths and grassed areas, although this does make it a bit bumpier!

My Family Fever

Blue Bear Wood – “Steering is controlled using the body, which does take get a little getting used to – lean left to turn left and right to turn right. If your child has ever used a micro-scooter they’ll pick this up quickly as it’s a similar technique. It feels a little strange to start with but it works well and allows the NightHawk to easily manoeuvre around corners and obstacle. It has a fantastic 2-meter turning circle.”

Blue Bear Wood

Super Busy Mum – “This ride on is very different to anything we’ve ever owned before and I’m a little jealous I can’t have a go on it myself! It requires minimal assembly alongside a full charge which takes around 12 hrs – once charged, place your safety flag on the back for visibility (as well as putting on your safety gear) and you’re good to go!”

Super Busy Mum

If you love the look of the Nighthawk and know a little someone who would love to try this bad boy out, enter our competition here.

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