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As part of the Casdon takeover on UKMums.tv, we asked top bloggers to take a look at fab Casdon sets to see what they thought. Take a look at their reviews on the Dyson Cord-free and Self-Service Supermarket.

Beth Owen (Life as Mum) reviewed the Dyson Cord-free, see what she thought here: “We’re huge Casdon fans, so when we got 15the chance to review the brand new Casdon Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum, I’m sure you can only imagine how excited we were. Ever since Freddie started to notice things he’s been obsessed with hoovers. He would bum shuffle around while I hoovered from room to room and as he started to walk, he would help me hoover too. He’s had a few hoovers for himself, and on a daily basis, we will always see him ‘hoovering’ most rooms in our home…

“The most exciting part for Freddie was probably that it has a working suction which actually picks of dust and little pieces of papers. He was so proud of himself for cleaning the floor. There are little balls in the clear cylinder which he likes too. It’s light enough for little ones to use with one hand.”  Read the full review here.

Life As Mum

Run Jump Scrap took a look at the fab Self Service Supermarket, read what they thought here: “The Casdon Self Service Supermarket is exactly what is sounds! We are modern and many of us go to the self service checkouts when we shop and Casdon have replicated this for kids. It is aimed at children aged 3-8 years but we will be giving this to our then 2 year old, as I’m sure she will love playing this with supervision… The checkout has some fab features including a a scanner, chip and pin machine, branded foods, a shopping basket and lots of realistic sounds.

“I usually leave assembly to my husband but actually setting up the supermarket was not too bad at all. There are clear instructions that tell you how to slot the parts together. There are lots of stickers to add which you can use the instructions for, or like me use the packaging and copy!” Read the full review here.

Run Jump Scrap

Click here for more information on the Casdon ranges.



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