This week, all new episodes of Tinpo came to CBeebies, but so that we could get the scoop on just how great they are, we had some of our mums take a sneak peek so that they could review them for us. It’s fair to say that they have been a real success with everyone enjoying the first three, but as is normal we don’t want you just to take out word for it, let’s hear from the mums what they really thought!

Hot Pink Wellingtons – “Each episode follows Tinpo and his group of friends, Doug-po, Hack-po and Logi-po. Each episode will see a different Tinpotown resident with a problem for the friends to solve, whether it’s a lost dog, a group of ducklings stuck on a high roof, or a person struggling to fly a kite. Each member of the team has different strengths: Tinpo is the ideas man, Logi-po is the team’s voice of reason, Hack-po is full of fun facts, and Doug-po loves to dig and demolish. Whenever their lightbulb lights up, they all jump on the Tinpo Train and head off to find the person in trouble. They work together, coming up with exciting ideas to solve problems. The animation is simple and colourful, and perfect to capture the imaginations of young children.”

Hot Pink Wellingtons

Whinge Whinge Wine – “Each of the characters has a different look and a unique ‘talent’ which they use to help the team; there’s Blue Tinpo, who is the leader and comes up with big ideas, yellow Doug-Po, who likes to dig, drill and demolish things, orange Logi-Po, who is the voice of reason and logic, and purple Hack-Po who knows all the facts about everything! In each seven minute bite-sized episode, Team Tinpo are faced with a new issue from a resident of Tinpo Town. With short bite-sized segments, colourful characters and cute animation, Tinpo is a fun program that shows that trial and error and perseverance can save the day.”

Whinge Whinge Wine

The Littlest Darlings – “Tinpo is about four inventors who set out to help tinpotown residents with their problems! There is Tinpo, Doug-po, Logi-po and Hack-po! They’re always ready to jump on board the Tinpo train to lend a hand… Once they’d watched the episodes of Tinpo, we chatted about which ones they liked the best, ate snacks and completed some Tinpo colouring sheets. Iris said her favourite was the girl one (Hack-Po) and Lucas said his favourite character was Tinpo because his favourite colour is blue.”

The Littlest Darlings

Pass the Prosecco Please – “It’s a fun and colourful show that reminds me of platform computer games with exciting story lines to keep little ones interested and engaged… It’s refreshing to see a colourful and funny programme that is educational and perfect for inquisitive little minds and with each episode sitting at around 7 minutes long they are the perfect bite-size length to keep little ones engaged and interested without losing interest.”

Pass the Prosecco Please


Don’t forget to introduce your kids to Tinpo. It’s on everyday on CBeebies at 06:55am and 3:55 pm.  Alternatively, you can download episodes on BBC iPlayer.

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