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Thinking about purchasing a Hotpoint 10kg ActiveCare Washing Machine? If you’re looking for an honest review, you’ve come to the right place!

What is Active Care on a Hotpoint Washing Machine?

Hotpoint’s ActiveCare technology can get rid of over 100 stains – from grass stains to ketchup. At just 20°C*, ActiveCare can keep your clothes beautifully clean and the lower temperature can reduce your running costs.

* But is washing at 20 degrees effective?

We put the Hotpoint 10kg ActiveCare Washing Machine to the test.

Hotpoint 10kg ActiveCare Washing Machine Review
Hotpoint 10kg ActiveCare Washing Machine Review

Cycles on The Hotpoint 10kg ActiveCare Washing Machine

With a combination of options that can be used alongside the cycles:

  • Steam Hygiene – This option enhances washing performance by generating steam during the wash cycle. It removes any bacteria from the fibres, which are treated at the same time. Place the laundry in the drum, choose a compatible programme and select the ‘Steam Hygiene’ option! The steam generated during the operation of the washing machine may cause the porthole door to become hazy.
  • Final Care – The washing machine will perform gentle tumbling through slow rotations of the drum. The Final Care option starts after the cycle ends. It lasts for a maximum duration of six hours. Plus you can interrupt it at any time by pressing any button on the control panel or by turning the knob.
  • Rapid / Eco – After pushing the button once, the Rapid option is selected. This means that the duration of the cycle will be reduced. Having pushed the button for a second time the Eco option is selected, reducing energy consumption.
  • Active Care – The detergent, premixed with water, creates a unique emulsion that deeply penetrates the fibres of the garments. It cleans stains at low temperatures, preserving both colours and fabrics. These results are also obtained due to the multiple different specific movements of the drum; which best take care of the garments.
  • Start Delay – To set a delayed start for the selected cycle, press the corresponding button repeatedly. Until the desired delay period is reached. When this option has been activated, the symbol lights up on the display. To remove the delayed start setting, press the button until “OFF” appears on the display.
  • Temperature – Each wash cycle has a pre-defined temperature. To modify the temperature, press the “temp.” button. The value will appear on the display.
  • Spin – Each wash cycle has a pre-defined spin speed. To modify the spin speed, press the “Spin Speed” button. The value will appear on the display.

Our Hotpoint 10kg ActiveCare Washing Machine Review

I’m Kelly. I’m a full-time working mum of two teenage boys. They like to share a bit of their meals with their clothes (how they manage to miss their mouths is beyond me!)!

Plus I have a partner who also struggles to get all of the contents on his fork into his mouth!

This – coupled with their numerous daily clothes changes – I am constantly battling a mountain of washing.

And – as you can imagine – I haven’t seen the bottom of my wash basket for WEEKS!

When Hotpoint asked me if I wanted to review the 10kg ActiveCare washing machine I jumped at the chance!

I mean, wouldn’t you?

It has an A+++ economy rating. Plus‘family-friendly’ technologies including ‘Active Mousse, Active Drum and Active Load’. These all work together to remove tough, stubborn stains and care for fabric and colours.

How To Set Up The Hotpoint 10kg ActiveCare Washing Machine

Before your first wash, it’s recommended that you run a wash cycle with detergent and no washing. Using wash cycle No. 9. at 60°.

I suppose this is to ensure that the washing machine is fully clean and free from any debris that could damage your clothes.

The washing machine also has adjustable legs at the front to allow for uneven surfaces and correct drainage.

How We Tested This Machine

To test the machine, I started by dividing all of the washing in my basket. I created piles for colours, delicates and stained clothes (the majority of my washing).

This left me with very little room on my kitchen floor, but space soon started to appear as I made sure I took advantage of its 10kg drum.

Tip: When filling the washing machine make sure that you leave at least a hand space between your washing and the top of the drum.

Positives: What We Like About The Hotpoint 10kg ActiveCare Washing Machine

The detergent dispenser drawer is easy to use. It opens and closes very smoothly. That is a bonus for me as my last machine was a little stiff and I ended up with mixed detergent in the drawer and it splashing everywhere.

I also like the fact that you are able to select the temperature on 13 of the wash cycles, ranging from 20° to 90°.

The Rapid Option

Some of the wash cycles are lengthy, but if you use the Rapid Option, the wash time is reduced. 

You also have the ability to add garments during the cycle. Perfect for those instances when you have asked if anyone has any other washing and nothing appears. But as soon as you put a wash on, someone suddenly comes downstairs with an item of clothing! Especially one that they need for the next day!

The Start Delay Function

The Start Delay function is handy too. It means that the washing can be finished in time for the end of school or work, ready for the next load to go in.

Hurrah – the bottom of my washing basket is in sight!

The ‘Steam Hygiene’ Feature

“The ‘Steam Hygiene’ feature is fantastic! I’ve used it a few times when one of us has been ill. It removes bacteria from the fabrics, which in turn helps in preventing the illness from being passed round.

Negatives: What We Didn’t Like About The Hotpoint 10kg ActiveCare Washing Machine

The only negative I have is not really about the washing machine at all! It’s more the fact that my tumble dryer is only a 7kg drum. So when I want to take advantage of the full 10kg load I have a bit of drying left over!

To Sum Up

All in all, I am really happy with the washing machine’s performance. I am yet to use all of the functions available but my washing is stain free, my washing basket is almost empty and I haven’t had any complaints off my family either.

I would highly recommend this washing machine.

*Please note that whilst this The Hotpoint 10kg ActiveCare Washing Machine was provided free in exchange for our honest review of the product, all opions are our own!

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