Dinosaurs have truly dominated this year and have captivated the minds of our children. And that’s why Dinosaurs are easy picks when it comes to selecting toys for our kids to play with.

We’ve already shared how awesome the Schleich Dinosaur range is and why you should purchase some of your own, but we couldn’t just let you take our word for it.

That’s why we asked our expert mum bloggers what they and their little ones thought to the new Dinosaur range and here's what Spooky Mum thought:

My daughters recently received a very exciting parcel containing a selection of Schleich dinosaurs for review. There is a brand-new range of dinosaur figurines for 2018, including an additional model of the terrifying top seller, T-Rex. These toys are exquisitely detailed and hand painted, and some have moveable features like jaws that open and arms that can move up and down.

Although the target age range is boys from 5 years upwards, my daughters, aged 4 and 7, both absolutely love these toys. They even insisted on taking the dinosaurs to their grandma’s house, so that we could photograph the toys in her large garden, underneath the trees. My daughters wanted to play with their dinosaurs in a setting that felt like the right environment for these creatures, and they had lots of fun with then. We received a T-Rex, which was my elder daughter’s favourite, a Dinogorgon that my younger daughter thought was very cute, and a Psittacosaurus that was my favourite. I love the colours of these toys, and the T-Rex can open his mouth as well, so we can pretend that he is eating things, which is lots of fun!

You can purchase the Schleich dinosaur toys direct from their website, or you can find them in toy shops and online in all the usual places. I think they are excellent value for money, and the toys are well made, sturdy and appealing to children. They are ideal for packing in a holiday bag or playing with on a long journey, and my daughters like to incorporate them into playtime with other toys and dolls as well, ever expanding their creativity and imagination. Great toys, great value for money, great for creative play.

There will be some more rawr-some stuff coming up, like our film review, the best Dinosaur merchandise and a chance for you to enter our competition where you can win a Schleich Dinosaur Giant Volcano!

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