Kids might love unboxing, but what do you Mums think? We put the new Peppa’s Secret Surprise toys to the test and here’s what our Mums thought…

Lamb and bear
“Inside Peppa’s Secret Surprise you’ll find a plastic yellow present with 6 hidden drawers. Each drawer hides a little blind bag (every kids dream, right!) for your little one to open. The drawers are numbered and I recommend opening in numerical order. Each one holds a different accessory for the surprise character you’ll find in drawer 6. It’s fun to open this one last as your children might like to guess who their character will be. Lamb was the first to open his and he was happy to find Rebecca Rabbit in his surprise box!”

Lamb and bear

Boo Roo and Tigger Too
“The series one themed boxes are all centred around a party theme which makes it perfect for the upcoming festive season, or birthday treats. Priced at £9.99 they are slightly more than the average blind bag toy, however, these are so much more than the average blind bag toy. From unwrapping the initial secret surprise box to opening each of the six drawers to reveal the hidden treats. With the Peppa Pig character figure included can be played with using the accessories included or included within their current range of playsets they might already have in their toy box.”

Mama Mei 
“Jasmine and Arianna were chuffed to be able to unbox a secret surprise each – it is the ultimate unboxing toy. Each Peppa Pig Box (sold separately) contains 6 surprise boxes/drawers which contain a special treat. Inside the drawers the kids will discover a figure with glittery party dress, party hat, large party accessory, present, gift box and stickers! The boxes cost £9.99 each. The kids have enjoyed hiding lots of little objects in the box.”

ET Speaks From Home
“This is the surprise present that just keeps on giving as the child discovers exclusive figures in glittery party outfits. We are so lucky to have received Peppa Pig and Zoe Zebra in their red glittery party outfits! There are also Suzy Sheep and Rebecca Rabbit figurines to be collected. Ms C loves these yellow cube presents as now she can use it to safely store away all her Peppa Pig accessories! The cube is well-made and should last for a long time! This is our first time collecting these Peppa Pig collectables and they are a big hit in our household. I think many Peppa Pig fans will love them too. The figurines and accessories are of a similar, very good quality as you might find with all official Peppa Pig toys. They are not those cheap plastic toys that only lasts for a few plays.”

There’s loads still to come in our Peppa’s Secret Surprise takeover! Stay tuned for details of our Twitter party and how to enter our amazing competition! Or, if you want to experience the surprise for yourself, go to Character Online.

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