In the second instalment of our scientific (ahem, sort of – Ed) exploration of the new science kits from Clementoni, we asked our expert mum reviewers to have a go at the incredible Mind designer.
Children as young as seven or eight can get to grips with mathematics, arithmetic and geometry with this intelligent robot, which guides children through the process of learning mathematics, arithmetic and geometry following government guidelines.
Here’s what our mums thought…

Hodge Podge Days – “This clever little robot can help with all kinds of things, from spacial awareness, maths, reasoning and geometry. It’s a clever piece of kit and no mistake.
“It’s a remarkably simple piece of kit. Once you have read the instructions and got the hang of it, it’s great fun and really, really educational. I know for my son playing with MIND will really cement some maths and give it a practical application. For me it’s the thinking ahead and in steps which I think will make a big difference to him. He tends to rush at things and this may help him to take a step back and approach things in a slower, more methodical way.”

Mid Pie Fridays – “Coding using the app is really simple too and allows you to put whole strings of instructions together. There is a basic and and advanced mode. Monkey has really enjoyed playing with the Clementoni Science Museum Mind Designer Robot, which is priced at £49.99 and available from toy retailers such as Smyths. It would make a wonderful Christmas present and from a mums perspective I love the educational nature, plus it doesn’t take up much room!”

Pink Pear Bear – “What I love the most is that, among many other functions, you can instruct it to draw amazing geometric pictures which are perfect for colouring in.
“The reason I think this so special is because when I was at school, I always had this misconception that you are either science or art minded, never both. It’s even stuck with me until this age and I don’t want my kids feeling this way, especially my daughter as it’s hard enough getting girls interested in STEM in my experience…
“A great thing about the Clementoni Mind Designer is that it is ready straight out of the box, (bar the 4 AA batteries). Everything you need is in there, the paper, the pens, detailed instructions, a game mat and of course, the adorable robot.”

Still to come in the takeover – all about the Science Museum, plus your chance to win a family ticket!

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