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Little Brian Paint Sticks has taken over UKMums.TV, so we’re bringing you everything you need to know about this mess free collection! We love the Little Brian Paint Sticks range here at UKMums.TV as it offers so much educational play value. But as always we don’t want you just to take our word for it! Read what our top mummy bloggers thought here:

Lamb and Bear – “Just like a glue stick, the paint sticks twist up and down allowing you to use as little or a much paint as you require. The solid paint formula means not only do you not require brushes or water, but there’s very little MESS!… Conveniently my eldest son had to draw a picture for his homework the week we received the paint sticks. So he decided to test them out and create a beach scene. I’m so impressed with how easy they are to use. Both my 3 and 6 year old really enjoy using them, and I can relax knowing they’re not double dipping their paint brushes!

Lamb and Bear

Keep Up With The Jones Family – “To use Little Brian Paint Sticks, use them just like Pritt Stick – pop off the top, twist up and use! What we love about Little Brian Paint Sticks is that they are the closest to mess free painting I’ve come across – no brushes, no water, they dry quickly so very little smudging or getting them on your clothes or furniture, we can take them anywhere with us too. The sticks are made with recyclable plastic which is great news – and they’re so smooth that Lyoto has been using them to help practise his handwriting without snagging pens and pencils.”

Keep Up With The Jones Family

Dear Bean and Beany on the Little Brian Paint Sticks Art Station  – “It was a lovely day, so I set them up outside. But because the paint sticks are mess free, I wouldn’t mind them using it in the house either. The Art Station comes folded, to make it easy to store away. You then unclip it and the boards stand up in place. Alice started on the chalk side and we had not used chalk sticks before. These are brilliant! Normally with chalk, their hands end up covered in chalk, that then end up on their clothes and none of this happened with the chalk sticks… The girls then swapped over. Alice said the paint sticks were really colourful and found them easy to use.”

Dear Bean and Beany

Real Mum Review
– “By far the biggest hit in this household however was the Little Brian Paint Sticks Classic Art Station – a double sided table top art station with a whiteboard and chalkboard, ideal for siblings or friends to get creative together… Neve set to work straight away, and very quickly figured out how to use the Little Brian Paint Sticks with no assistance whatsoever from me. From a parent’s point of view, I was really impressed with how quickly the paint dried, and the colours were vivid and strong, with thick bright shades being pressed onto the paper as she scribbled away. The Little Brian Art Station comes with paints and chalks included, and there are little handy storage pockets so that the contents can be safely stashed away when not being used, or laid out in the small holes to make them stand up and be easily accessible when your child is in the middle of creating their designs.”

Real Mum Review

Well there you have it! Little Brian Paint Sticks gets a massive thumbs up from our mums (and their little ones)!

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