[AD]  We here at UKMums.TV love Portable North Pole, an online platform used by Santa and his elves to send personalised video messages and calls to the people you care about most anywhere around the world. Santa isn’t the only one delivering this festive season as we here at UKMums.TV sent some top mummy bloggers a Magic Pass to review.

Take a look at how they got on;

Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs – “Portable North Pole is accessible by app or website and is a wonderful portal where you can make personalised videos for friends and family. We have been using Portable North Pole for years now, ever since my eldest was a tot… It really is awesome when the recipient hears Santa say their name and shows pictures with them in. It doesn’t stop there though, as you can also set up calls so Santa can speak to your child to see if they’ve been behaving!… It’s no wonder there have been over 220 million messages since its creation in 2008. It’s absolutely magical and we love it!

Read the full review here.

Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs


Mummy and Moose – “Portable North Pole is part of our Christmas tradition… It’s hands down the best app ever. Strong words I know but it honestly is. The idea is that you input your child’s info into the app/website and at the end you get a video message from Santa at the North Pole personalised just for them! This year, there are three options but I definitely think that the Magic Pass (£12.99) offers excellent value… The message from Santa can be as full of info as you decide to make it. You can add photos of your child and on some videos you can even add friends and siblings names as well as pets. On some video messages you can add their interests or what they have excelled at this year for Santa to mention. When your child sits down to watch their personalised message you can also choose to watch their reaction which is captured for you to watch back later! I love this aspect. Moose is absolutely going to freak out with excitement when he sees his personalised video from Santa – my only problem is trying to decide which video message to create first!”

Read the full review here.

Mummy and Moose

Keep Up With the Jones Family – “The Portable North Pole [PNP] is an app which is basically a hotline to Father Christmas on your phone. It bought so much snuggled up excitement to our boys when they knew they weren’t going to actually see the big man himself last year and they loved every single thing about it – especially the messages Father Christmas sent to me and Daddy too…The Reaction Cam is perfect for capturing and bottling those moments of magic in childhood without having to stick your camera or phone in their face and ruin the moment – the reaction cam built into the app does it for you. When Father Christmas calls, their little faces are captured to your camera roll without you having to yell “SMILE AT FATHER CHRISTMAS!” These are genuine, straight from their little heart reactions… If your little one is having a hard time at school, feeling glum, Father Christmas is there ready to tell them how proud he is of them, how he sees them doing good things – and it can turn a day around instantly.”

Read the full review here.

Keep Up With the Jones Family

Have you used Portable North Pole before? Do you agree with our bloggers? Let us know by commenting down below.

Portable North Pole is a service that keeps the magic of Christmas truly alive, so don’t forget to visit the website or app and check out all of the video options for those close to you!


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