As part of the Science Mad! takeover with Trends UK, we are bringing you a closer look at the Science Mad! collection. Our influencers have shared their brilliant videos on how to get started with some of the incredible kits and pieces of equipment in the range. And our Science Mad! Squad has been getting SERIOUS about science! There’s even been a terrific Twitter event! And now, we’ve got some fun ideas to inspire families to get experimental at home!

These activities are entertaining and nice and simple to set up. Sure to get all members of the families excited about science – these are activities that you’ve got to try with your kids!

Water Walking Science Experiment

For this experiment, you’ll need six containers of water: three with clear water, one with red food colouring, one with blue colouring, and one with yellow colouring. Then, arrange them in a circle, alternating coloured and clear containers, and make bridges between the containers with folded paper towels. All members of the family will be amazed to see the coloured water “walk” over the paper towel bridges and into the clear containers, mixing colours, and giving them an introduction to the magic of capillarity.

Check out the full experiment here: Fun Learning for Kids

Lava Lamp Experiment

We all know that oil and water doesn’t mix, but did you know that with a splash of food colouring and an antacid tablet you can create a lava lamp, helping kids learn all about density! Kids will love watching the coloured bubbles start to flow all around like a groovy lava lamp!

Check out this favourite science experiment here: Rookie Parenting

Sink or Float?

Teach kids about density with this age-old experiment! Get kids to guess whether objects are going to sink or float in water, based on their different characteristics. This is a great way to get them practising the scientific method; if they make a hypothesis first about what will sink and what will float, they can then measure the results after undertaking the experiment.

Check out this fun experiment here: Fun with Mama


For more Science Mad! fun, head back to the main takeover hub now.

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