This week we’re joined by toymaker Character Options for the TapTap® Smart Fidget takeover week.

TapTap® Smart Fidget (RRP £9.99) is the new, must-have miniature gamer that promises to put both fingers and brain cells to work. But what purpose do fidget toys serve in childhood? Well, the answer is a good number of important roles. Keep reading to find out more!

Why is there so much hype around fidget toys?

Boredom busting

Parents and guardians will understand the value of effective tools to keep boredom at bay when travelling. And whether you’re travelling by car, train, plane or otherwise, fidget toys are the gift that just keeps on giving.

Small enough to fit in any pocket and able to keep kids entertained for hours on end, fidget toys a brilliant resource!

And they’re not just great for travelling. Think going out to restaurants, waiting in the doctor’s surgery for an appointment or occupation during any other time of childhood boredom!

Calming & Focusing

Fidget toys are ideal for reregulating kids and keeping them calm and focused when they’re feeling frazzled. Suitable for most ages and abilities, the little gadgets allow kids (and adults!) to fidget – or channel small, restless movements, in a constructive and structured way.

The added bonus of this is that studies have found that this structured fidgeting can support concentration, whilst also relieving nervous energy and helping to reduce anxiety. The theory is that fidget toys give hands something to do so that the mind can redirect its attention, and when needed, relax. Read more on the subject from Forbes, by clicking here.

Heightening developmental skills

Not only do fidget toys help to reach a state of focus, whilst supporting reduced anxiety and relaxation, but they also encourage users to practice small, measured movements that strengthen key developmental skills. These skills include hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills, memory, problem solving, concentration and more!

Pocket money wonders

Another thing that contributes to the continued popularity of this type of toy is their price point. Whether you’re a child of five-years-old spending their monthly pocket money or a parent of multiple children picking up a quick treat from the supermarket, these are the types of toy that pack a whole lot of play value into a fantastically appealing price point.

How does TapTap® Smart Fidget fill the gap?

TapTap® Smart Fidget is the palm-sized fidget toy that packs all the benefits listed above and takes fidgeting to a whole new level! This miniature boredom buster syncs play and learning to make fidgeting both beneficial and fun. It comes programmed with five high-touch, high-tech games that target memory, focus, hand/eye coordination, critical thinking, and fine motor skills.   

Whether players are just tap-tap-tapping or playing to win, one thing’s for sure… TapTap® Smart Fidget will keep fingers nimble and minds sharp!

This small but mighty pocket money gadget is perfect for on-the-go brain-training and fidget-style fun. Keeping kids aged five-plus and adults alike entertained for hours on end, TapTap® Smart Fidget is the ultimate travel boredom buster for cars, trains, planes and more. And it’s the ideal tool for reregulating kids and keeping them calm and focused when they’re feeling frazzled.

If you know someone who would LOVE TapTap® Smart Fidget, they’re available now from Smyths Toys Superstores.

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