This week, we’ve been introducing Character Options’ latest superhero collection: GooZonians, which you can read all about via the main takeover page.

But, as we know, not all heroes wear capes! So, as part of the takeover, we thought it’d be fun to give you some clever ideas on how you can help your kids train to become real world superheroes… let your family’s real world superhero training commence!

Superhero Training Stage #1

An important topic for any child is learning to look after the planet by putting rubbish into the bin, recycling different materials. And what better way to get started on your superhero journey than by teaching your little ones to pick up the litter they see to help the local community (remembering to wash hands afterwards, of course!).

Superhero Training Stage #2

All heroes practice kindness, so this will be our next point. Why not encourage your little ones to visit someone who is lonely – perhaps a relative or someone else who is known not to receive too many visitors.

Superhero Training Stage #3

A continuation of Stage #2 … because you can never have too much kindness in the world … the next stage is to perform an act of kindness to make someone smile. Now, this could be anything, from sending a handmade card, to paying someone a nice compliment, all the way through to sitting with someone at school who is on their own.

Superhero Training Stage #4

It’s time to be brave! Perhaps for this one you could go to an outdoor activity park, like Go Ape, to face up against a fear of heights. Or maybe it’s something simple like trying more foods if you’ve got a fussy eater living under your roof. This part of the training is all above facing up to what you’d usually shy away from – it’s a chance to challenge yourself!

To continue the fun with GooZonians, head back to the main takeover page by clicking here. And don’t forget to tune into the first GooZonians webisode via the Character Kidz TV YouTube channel.

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