This week, we’ve been telling you all about the Science Mad! collection. We’ve shared some pictures and opinions from real families who have been reviewing items from the range. And we’ve even seen the Science Mad! collection in action. This covers a family perspective of the Science Mad! range… but this article is going to look at why Science Mad! products are the ideal educational tool…

Science Mad! – A fun collection of STEM toys

All Science Mad! items carry a STEM logo (an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The skills and knowledge in each discipline are, of course, essential for children’s learning, but many schools are now focusing on these subjects as an integrated group – because they are so deeply intertwined in the real world and in how children learn most effectively.

How do STEM toys help children to learn?

The concept of STEM toys is becoming more widely understood and valued amongst educators and parents. Trends UK, the makers of Science Mad!, realised the importance of the concept quite some time ago, and have been involved in developing science toys for nearly 20 years. They believe that certain toys played with in the home can really support the understanding of STEM topics.

How do STEM products differ from other educational products on the market?

STEM toys must have educational features that support learning across the key subjects in some form. If you are a parent looking for STEM toys you may find that the packaging features a STEM logo – like the one that appears on all Science Mad! packaging.

The popularity of the Science Mad! collection

Over the last few years, there has been a big increase in demand for the Science Mad! collection. Families are discovering that there is a whole range of exciting science-based toys that are not only fun, but will also support their children’s learning in school. The kits offer a great way for the whole family to support education in the household and it’s enjoyable for the adults too

Children have a natural curiosity to see how things came to be, to see small things close up, to see far away things and to make discoveries for themselves. The science kits under Science Mad! allow kids and parents to enjoy fun experiments in the fields of chemistry, physics, electricity and more.

How can parents best support their child’s education at home?

If you’d like to learn more about how to best support your child’s learning journey, you can pick up some top tips in our on-site feature here. From recognising children’s passions and making time for them, to keeping it fun and making use of existing resources, there’s lots of great ideas to help your child continue learning at home.

For more about the Science Mad! collection, head back to the main takeover hub now.  

Main image credit: Jessica’s World

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