This week, we’re joined by Dino Ranch for the ultimate dino takeover.

By now, you’ll probably know all about this epic series that lets preschoolers join the Cassidy family on their action-packed adventures in a fantastical “pre-westoric” world, that’s full of roaming dinosaurs and exciting life challenges. Problem- solving, life-long friendships, strong family bonds, animal care and many more exciting experiences await them in the episodes! You can find out more about this brilliant show via the takeover hub page.

How heavy do you think the heaviest dinosaur was?

  1. Twenty elephants
  2. Two double decker buses
  3. A space shuttle
  4. Four army tanks

Which of the following is not a real dinosaur?

  1. Toothosaurus
  2. Ankylosaurus
  3. Pachycephalosaurus
  4. Compsognathus

How many years ago did dinosaurs become extinct?

  1. 2 million years ago
  2. 10 million years ago
  3. 40 million years ago
  4. 66 million years ago

Which dinosaur had such a powerful jaw it could bite through a car?

  1. T-Rex
  2. Stegosaurus
  3. Velociraptor
  4. Triceratops

Which of the following dinosaurs spent time living under water?

  1. Spinosaurus
  2. Stegosaurus
  3. T-Rex
  4. None of them did

Check out the answers to these questions in the video below and find out whether kids or parents won in this battle of the ages!

Don’t forget  you can watch Dino Ranch on Tiny Pop, The Pop Player, Disney+ and YouTube.

To continue the Dino Ranch fun, head to the main takeover hub HERE.

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