This week, we’re joined by Simba Toys UK, as they introduce their fabulous collection of Disney Classics Plush toys.

You can read more about the collection, which is super-cute, irresistibly soft and fashioned in an adorable cartoon style that families will instantly recognise from the classic animated Disney movies, here.

But first, if like us you’re wondering why kids love their soft toys so much, then still around. We look at what attracts kids to plush toys and what they stand to learn from playing with them…

They’re cute and soft

Let’s kick off with an obvious point… even as adults we can still appreciate how lovely and comforting it is to cuddle a plush toy. And this is largely because of how they look and feel. On children’s skin, which is more delicate, these soft textures must feel even more appealing!

Comfort buddies

One of the main functions of a soft toy is that their ability to comfort and soothe a child. Thanks to their familiarity, they serve to ease distress and anxiety in troubling and unknown situations. Soft toys also play a role in helping children gradually build their ability to self-soothe without their parents.

Support the development of social skills

Soft toys can be hugely beneficial in helping a child to develop early social skills. Kids will often engage in pretend play with their cuddly best friends, which gives them practice at imitating familiar and everyday activities that grown-ups do such as cleaning, cooking and more.

Fosters language development  

Linked to the former point, when children pretend play with their plush pals, they will often act out playful role-playing scenes, wherein talking is a natural part of the process. This can serve as a powerful way of forming those all-important early skills for reading and writing.

Help to encourage compassion and empathy

Pretend play with soft toys can also be a great way for children to learn to about emotions and they can also be useful in teaching kids to consider and care for others. When children are tending to their soft toys, they are nurturing their natural desire to connect with others, and they are also developing an appreciation for relationships with others.


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Feature image: credit: Big thank you to Tippytups for our beautiful feature image! 

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