This week, on UKMums.TV, we’re joined by the team at Cartoonito for an introduction to their brilliant new preschool series: Bugs Bunny Builders!

Cartoonito is the place where preschoolers are free to be whomever they want – where they are embraced for their individuality and originality. This is the channel that champions compassion, empathy and inclusion, whilst celebrating the youngest of kids exactly as they are, in their unique, unfiltered glory. Cartoonito offers children a space where they can experience back-to-back belly laughs and draw outside the lines. And, when watching Cartoonito, families can enjoy trusted characters and friends, stories from leading voices, brand-new original series, and lots of laughter!

So what’s new for Cartoonito this month? Well, from Tuesday 1st November, every day at 5PM, children can tune into a brilliant new addition to the channel – Bugs Bunny Builders.

One thing’s for sure, folks… Bugs Bunny Builders brings with it a bunny load of joy! Check it out:

In Bugs Bunny Builders, Bugs and Lola are managers of the Looney Builders construction crew, which comprises Daffy, Porky, Tweety, and more familiar Looney faces. This is a crew of builders that, quite frankly, should not be anywhere near a construction site but, in each episode, they demonstrate that anything can be achieved if they work together.

Each episode of the show sees the team help their fellow citizens of Looneyburg with zany building projects. Whether building a thrilling new racetrack or creating an out-of-this-world ice cream sundae, no job is too big or wild for the Looney Builders when they work as a team and utilise their super-looney tools and souped-up vehicles.

Why should parents be switching on this show?

Bugs Bunny Builders offers parents the chance to share their favourite Looney Tunes characters with their littlest ones, whilst also teaching them about the technical, creative, social, and emotional rewards of the building and design process.

The show draws inspiration from children’s passion for building and supports understanding of the design thinking process (imagine, build, fix). It also encourages viewers to think creatively, work together and manage challenges. By watching the Looney Builders imagine, build, and fix their extraordinary creations, it’s hoped children will be inspired to create their own builds off-screen.

So, if parents are looking for a fun and entertaining new series that helps little ones cultivate essential skills, including self-expression, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, scientific and mathematical thinking, then look no further!

Tune into Bugs Bunny Builders every day at 5PM, from Tuesday 1st November on Cartoonito, and teach children that if they can imagine it, they can build it!

Wondering where to hop off to next? Head back to the Bugs Bunny Builders takeover hub, for loads more great features and a chance to win, as well as a quick overview of who’s who in the show.

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