This week, we’re joined by Flair for the Mindful Lil Minds takeover.

The Mindful Lil Minds Breathing Meditation Buddy is a brand-new toy that’s designed to look like a cute and cuddly soft toy koala… with a special twist! This brilliant toy is designed to stimulates the senses of sight, sound, smell and touch to help manage stress levels and anxiety, through play.   Designed to help children practice mindfulness, helping them become more present, and offering them strategies to manage their emotions in stressful situations.

Not only does this koala guide children through a five-minute guided meditation, but its belly expands and retracts in time with the guided meditation, showing children how they can follow the practice. The toy is lightly scented to smell like eucalyptus, which has aromatherapy properties, and it has a weighted beaded bottom to make him all the more comforting! You can find out more via the main takeover page here

Once you’re up to speed with what the Beathing Meditation Buddy is all about … come back here to find out how you can get the most from this fab new toy!

Ways to play with Mindful Lil Minds

The Mindful Lil Minds Breathing Meditation Buddy can be used in four different ways!

1. Sitting Individually

Sit down by yourself in a quiet spot with the plush sitting next to or in front of you. Press her right paw and the meditation will begin. Sit with your eyes closed and listen

2. Sitting in a group/classroom

The cuddly koala is great for classrooms or group meditations. Sit or lay on your back with the plush facing the group. Press her right paw and the meditation will begin. Close your eyes, listen and relax.

3. Laying down with plush on chest

Lay down on your back with the breathing buddy on your chest. Press her paw to begin the guided meditation. Place your hand on the koala’s belly to feel her belly move up and down, move your belly up and down along with the plush.

4. Sit down and hold the plush up to your face

Press her paw to begin the guided meditation and inhale the calming smell of eucalyptus as you meditate.

It’s never too early to promote self-care and mindfulness, and this is a great sensory toy to build into a wellness plan for a child. If you’d like to get your hands on this brilliant toy, It’ll be available soon online from Amazon and Very and in-store in your local independent stores.

To carry on the fun with Mindful Lil Minds, head back to the main takeover page here

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