This month, we’re joined by the team at Dino Ranch for a celebration of Dino-vember!

Dino Ranch is the fun-filled, action-packed “pre-westoric” preschool series, which follows the Cassidy Family as they tackle life on the ranch in a world where dinosaurs still exist… Named after the ranch on which it’s set, Dino Ranch is the ultimate playground. And what better way to captivate the imaginations of young children, than with ranchers (aka cowboys!), adventure, endless fun, relatable storylines … and, of course, dinosaurs!

If your children love the show, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can now find books, jigsaw puzzles, and dino-tastic toys, all inspired by this brilliant series. Be sure to check out our Dino Ranch Gift Guide for some roar-some gift ideas! But don’t just take our word for it. As part of this week’s takeover, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite reviews for the Dino Ranch toy range.


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Love the sound of Dino Ranch? You can read more about this brilliant series here; and you can find the show on Tiny Pop, The Pop Player, Disney + and YouTube.

To continue the Dino Ranch fun, head to the main takeover hub HERE. And remember you can shop the Dino Ranch collection via the Amazon Dino Ranch Store!

Main image credit: @NikkiandtheLittles

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Garfield Hunte at 9:29 AM

Hi my name is Gary Hunte, you made a spelling mistake on the baby rocker competition, near the bit that says you’ll be pacing up and down.

    Caro Davies at 3:53 PM

    Thanks ever so much Gary, we really appreciate you taking the time to message us and let us know.

    Best wishes,

    The team at UK Mums TV

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