This week is Pinocchio and Friends takeover week on UKMums.TV and we’re celebrating the launch of the Pinocchio and Friends toy collection.

Inspired by the CBeebies series, these beautiful toys bring to life the cute and wholesome themes and adorable characters from the show. You can read all about this fabulous range of preschool toys here.

But if you’re yet to discover Pinocchio and Friends on CBeebies, keep reading to learn more about the show.

Step into the toy shop…

A toymaker’s shop is a special place, but Papa Geppetto’s is even more magical: it is home to Pinocchio and his friends – a group of great little heroes always ready to live incredible adventures.

Created by a kind old craftsman Geppetto, into his toy store, Pinocchio the wooden puppet comes to life and is curious, full of energy, and he can’t wait to explore the world! His fellow adventurers are Freeda – a fearless pirate doll – and the grumpy Talking Cricket, who would rather not leave the toy shop at all! Pinocchio and Freeda do not share the Cricket’s worries, and whenever possible they launch themselves into fun adventures!

Will Pinocchio manage to turn into a real child? And will his ragdoll friend Freeda get to become a pirate? The Fairy With Turquoise Hair is the only one who can help them make their dreams come true – because everyone has a dream, even toys.

Meet the characters from the show

Pinocchio: Lively, curious, a bit reckless, Pinocchio sometimes tells little lies which he believes are for good reason. Too bad his nose always stretches as soon as he tells one, and Pinocchio eventually tells the truth – always! Our little hero wants to explore the vast world beyond Geppetto’s Shop, fascinated by all the things he can discover. He loves adventure and dreams of becoming a real boy.

Freeda: The brave pirate doll Freeda is Pinocchio’s inseparable companion. Wild and fearless, Freeda is always ready to set sail. When things seem impossible to solve, Freeda’s intuition always comes into play and the doll finds a solution to make things right.

The Talking Cricket: The Talking Cricket was charged by the Fairy with Turquoise Hair to keep an eye on Pinocchio and his friends during her absence. Comically fearful, terrified of the outside world that Pinocchio likes so much, the grumpy Cricket follows Pinocchio and Freeda in their daily adventures.

Papa Geppetto: Geppetto is a bit of a craftsman, a bit of an inventor, a bit of a visionary weirdo, and he runs his Shop of Wonders by himself. Here, old objects become new again and things never seen before come to life.

The Fairy with Turquoise Hair: Bizarre and surprising, this magical creature has a passion for shoes! She regularly entrusts missions to Pinocchio, as she has too many requests to fulfill and cannot do everything alone. She lives with her beloved dog Medoro and her housekeeper, Agnese, in a mysterious house in the Magic Woods, that can be reached only if the Fairy wishes. She is the magical guide of Pinocchio and Freeda.

Where can you watch the show?

Love the sound of Pinocchio and Friends? It’s available to watch now on CBeebies, weekdays at 4:10pm and on demand here:

To continue the Pinocchio and Friends fun, head to the main takeover hub HERE.

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